About the team

The team at Property News have over 40 years of combined real estate experience.  We are a group of professionals who currently work within the Property Industry in 2023 and who actively live and breathe all things real estate.

Property News Team Members

Jackson Smith

Jackson is a recent university graduate who is the newest member of the Property News team. Having studied Journalism for his undergraduate course, he loves investigating potential news stories and digging into sources to help ensure the information we deliver is accurate and comprehensive.

This experience has helped Jackson well already, as he has proven he has a keen eye for finding the latest news to affect the property market, delivering concise and detailed content on a variety of topics.

Jackson’s focus is on finding new news stories for us to cover, a task which he relishes thanks to the skills he developed in university. You can expect his content to focus on breaking news and recent developments which are likely to have a major effect on the property market.

In his spare time, Jackson maintains and helps manage a local news website for his hometown, covering local stories across a variety of topics which helps to keep his skills sharp and mind keen. He also plays cricket during the summer and enjoys spending time with friends.

Lauren Carter

Lauren came to the Property News team after having spent several years working in an estate agent’s office, which has made her an ideal candidate for this position.

Her experience helping potential buyers find the right property for them to step onto the property ladder has translated into a knack for developing detailed and high-quality guides to help people understand more about the property market.

From finding properties to rental yields to mortgages, Lauren’s expert knowledge helps us get across important terms and information that you need to know about in easy and simple-to-follow terms.

Lauren is full of bright ideas and useful knowledge that helps the rest of the Property News team with their work, and consistently passes on her insider prowess to help support the other content writers with their work.

When she isn’t hard at work writing fresh content for Property News, Lauren spends her free time going on hikes and walks around the countryside. She enjoys travelling with her partner to the Lake District.

Ben Davidson

Ben came to the Property News team after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, and he quickly put his keen writing skills to good use.

His experience means that Ben covers a wide range of topics and writes a variety of content for Property News, ranging from blog posts to news articles to guides on everything you might want to know about the property market. Ben also looks after the Property price alerts that are published each day!

Using what he learned whilst studying at university, Ben researches the property market intimately to help provide accurate and detailed content across a range of topics. From off-market properties to auctions to property investment, we can turn to Ben to write content on it and we can trust him to deliver the goods.

His eye for detail and experience as a writer means Ben also helps out the Property News team with spot-checking and proofreading their work if they need a hand, as he is able to quickly and accurately find faults in writing.

During his downtime, Ben writes short stories and is developing his own original novel which he works on regularly. When he isn’t writing, he’s reading, and Ben loves to go through a wide range of novels across multiple genres.

Emily Pugh

Our longest-tenured member of the team, Emily, has a background in the property investment sector, which makes her perfect for covering this kind of content for Property News.

Given her prior experience working for a property investment company, Emily has in-depth knowledge of the property investment sector which has enabled her to write content for Property News filled with useful information for would-be investors.

Emily’s work covers everything you might want to know about property investment, from buy-to-let to commercial property investing and everything in between. This way, we can provide a wide range of content to help inform property investors of anything and everything they might want to know.

Outside of work, Emily loves to cook and bake, with her creating content based around cooking on a range of social media channels.

This Property news blog has been created so that we can share our insights into the Property sector with the World.